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Raymore Dentist Office Serves Cass County and Nearby Communities

Cass County dental practice, Silver Lake Dentistry (816-678-0916), is your local and affordable Raymore dentist office that provides local general dental care, specialized dentistry, and full-service dentistry.  With two dental surgeons, Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), and Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), both long-term, locally-practicing dentists in Cass County, Silver Lake Dentistry provides dental services for adults, teenagers and children.

Our Raymore dentist’s office provides a wide range of dental services and procedures, temporary and permanent, and we offer full-service dentistry care options for adults.  We offer age-appropriate dental services and dental hygiene education for children and teenagers.

If you require a dentist for general dental services or you require the expertise and skill of a dental surgeon for cosmetic procedures, restoration dental work, Orthodontic braces for the treatment of dental misalignment issues, or you just need the services of dentists with flexibility in training and practice who can handle complex procedures utilizing the latest advances to resolve years or even decades of suffering serious dental issues, then by all means, contact Silver Lake Dentistry, or call us at 816-678-0916—most likely can help long-term problems or recent issues such as disease or even recent trauma.

Adults may schedule an appointment online with Silver Lake Dentistry

You Can Find Affordable Dentists: Just Visit Your Raymore Dentist Office

So, you have been putting off simple to complex or serious dental problems for a variety of reasons such as expense, dealing with procedures you don’t want to have to sit through, dealing with dental insurance, or worse…no dental insurance, or you can’t take off work, or, or…

Well, Silver Lake Dentistry offers straight forward dentistry services and we also accept a wide range of dental insurance.  We can help you figure out to get the dental treatment that you need as well as within your budget.

Silver Lake Dentistry is your affordable Raymore dentist’s office.  Our staff help our dentists/dental surgeons deliver expert dental care covering a wide range of dental procedures, temporary or permanent, along with competitive pricing (or more than competitive pricing for our dental care services when compared to many Kansas City dentists).

Many restorative procedures, root canals, individual procedures and of course elective cosmetic procedures can be expensive, but we are also your affordable cosmetic dentists in Cass County for permanent cosmetic or restorative procedures as well—and, we are your affordable cosmetic dentists near Kansas City.

Silver Lake Dentistry has two of the best dentists near Lee’s Summit, specifically affordable dentists near Lee’s Summit, or a cosmetic dentist near Lee’s Summit, Raytown, Grandview, or other nearby suburbs and communities, or you live in the metropolitan region and you are looking for affordable dentists near Kansas City or affordable cosmetic entists near Kansas City that can provide affordable, competitive pricing as well as expertise in performing cosmetic and restorative procedures, then call us at 816-678-0916 for questions about scheduling appointment(s) and about available dental services.

Local, Raymore Dentist Office for Cass County Residents

Of course, much of our clientele is local or within a relatively short driving distance to our Raymore dentist office.  We provide full-service dentistry for residents of the county as well as for people driving in from southern Kansas City and suburbs.  Silver Lake Dentistry has an affordable dentist near Harrisonville, Belton, Peculiar Garden City, Harrelson, Pleasant Hill, and nearby towns and communities.

Convenient Location, Affordable Rates for Treating Dental Misalignment

Some patients require multiple visits for dental procedures, cosmetic or restorative services, or to correct long-term, mild to moderate dental misalignment—we use an extremely effective treatment protocol for dental misalignment, specifically, Invisalign® Clear Braces.  Many patients, particular those traveling from Kansas City, Grandview, Raytown, Lee’s Summit, or other nearby communities (or counties) can benefit from our convenient location that is outside of the Kansas City suburbs. We can pass along lower operating costs by providing competitive or more than competitive pricing.  And, if you happen to have dental misalignment and associated problems, you have the option of affordable Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore.

We make a point of taking advantage of our location in a county south of the southern Kansas City metropolitan region—land, rent, and other costs are much lower for us than for many dentists operating in Kansas City or even in the suburbs.  We make a point of giving patients our best advice for dental care, and how to proceed with dealing with your current and/or long-term dental issues.

So, Orthodontic Invisalign® Clear Braces, the industry-standard replacement for conventional metal braces, offers patients a customized treatment protocol.  Each step of the process is customized for each patient at each step of the process.  The system utilizes progressive, low-profile, removable dental aligners that are custom-made at the dentist’s office using exacting measurements from each exam (about once every two or three weeks).  This system continuously and progressively (with each new measurement, custom molds and custom aligners), moves your teeth slowly with little to no pain or irritation; and it is an effective treatment for most mild to moderate dental misalignment issues.  The average treatment duration is usually within 12 months to 18 months.  And, another consideration, dental realignment can help resolve Tempro Mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD), which causes pain, headaches, jaw joint pain, muscle stress, popping mandible, and many other issues.  So, if you are willing to make a short drive for your new measurements and dentist’s visits, then affordable Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore are a convenient solution for residents of Grandview interested in Invisalign®, and Invisalign® for Lee’s Summit residents, or Clear Braces for Kansas City residents can be considerably more affordable a county or so away from the main metropolitan suburbs.

Additional Dental Services at Your Raymore Dentist Office

New patients can meet one of our dental surgeons at our Raymore dentist office for a range of services.  Whether you need general dental services, or dental care options and solutions for dental problems, simple or complex, then take a few moments to review our Patient Services.  Silver Lake Dentistry provides General Dentistry Services, Preventative Dentistry Care Services, Conventional Dentures, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry Services, Gum Disease Treatments, Orthodontic services (see above), Restorative Dental Services, and Emergency Dental Services.  And we offer many specific services and procedures that may or may not be involved with other major dental service categories.

You can review our full-service dentistry and Patient Services for further details about specific services.

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Silver Lake Dentistry, your local, Raymore dentist office in Cass County, just south of the Kansas City metropolitan region offers skilled, expert dental care provided by two locally-practicing dental surgeons.  We can offer patients a high-level of dental care from simple procedures to quite complex treatment protocols that are affordable, if not considerably more competitive than many dental practice in Kansas City.  We accept many national dental plans and insurance options to help you get the best care, but within acceptable budgeting.

You can call Silver Lake Dentistry at 816-678-0916 to schedule an appointment.  Adults may set up an appointment online with Silver Lake Dentistry, your affordable Raymore dentist office.