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Raymore Cosmetic Dental Office Provides Temporary and Permanent Procedures

Adults, if you live in Cass County or nearby, Raymore cosmetic dental office Silver Lake Dentistry is accepting patients.  We have two experienced, skilled and locally-practicing dental surgeons, and Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) and Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.).  We provide adult patients with full-service dentistry options and we are your local, affordable cosmetic dentists in Raymore, as well as your affordable cosmetic dentists for Cass County residents.  We like to think that we have two of the best cosmetic dentists near Kansas City and we gladly accept patients from around the region. Your Raymore cosmetic dentists are also affordable cosmetic dentists for Lee’s Summit residents, as well as Harrisonville cosmetic dentists, and we provide service for residents of Peculiar, Belton, Garden City, Grandview, Raytown, or other Kansas City suburbs.  As cosmetic dentists near Kansas City with lower operating costs, we are usually more than competitive in pricing for services when compared to many dentists operating in Kansas City.

Dr. Handley and Dr. Whitford are experienced in a variety of temporary and permanent cosmetic procedures, permanent Orthodontic treatment for adult dental misalignment, as well as dentists who are experienced in a variety of dental restoration techniques and procedures.  Many restorative dental procedures are cosmetic or quite related, but the purpose or goal may be different.  Restorative procedures are generally a bit more practical and depending on a patient’s needs and preferences, we can provide a wide range of services in Raymore at our cosmetic dental office.

Silver Lake Dentistry is conveniently located in Cass County for local residents, and we are a relatively short drive for southern Kansas City suburban communities.  Both of our dentists perform a wide range of permanent restorative dental procedures, which generally offer patients cosmetic benefit.  You may call our dental practice in Raymore, Silver Lake Dentistry, at 816-678-0916 to schedule your first dental visit, a consultation about specific cosmetic or other dental services, or to set up an appointment for a dental procedure.  Adults may schedule an appointment online with Silver Lake Dentistry as well.

Affordable Raymore Cosmetic Dental Office and Full-Service Dentists for Dental Restoration Options, Orthodontics and Other Dental Service Options

Silver Lake Dentistry is accepting patients. Whether you are within a short drive of our Raymore cosmetic dental office or you live in a nearby county, you are invited to visit us in Raymore.  Patients searching for dentists for general dental care services or for cosmetic dental consultation(s) or restorative options to fix specific dental issues, are welcome at our practice.  We want you do know that we understand that many people’s search for cosmetic services or restorative procedures may do so because of negative impact your life or self-esteem.  You may discuss your preferences and needs for dental services with either of our dentists, Dr. Whitford or Dr. Handley.   We are here to assist patients and our goal is to provide excellent dental care that resolves cosmetic or other dental problems.

Additionally, Silver Lake Dentistry is an affordable dental office in Raymore, and we can deliver advanced dental care services, usually at more than competitive prices than Kansas City dentists.  Silver Lake Dentistry offers expertise in dental care while offering competitive prices and full-service dentistry.  You can use many forms of dental insurance at our practice, or you may discuss financing options.  We can also assist you with dental insurance payments or co-pays or related options.  Dr. Handley and Dr. Whitford invite you to learn more about the dental services available from our Raymore cosmetic dental office, Silver Lake Dentistry, by reviewing our Patient Services.

Adults may use our dental practice for general dental care services, or adults can take advantage of our full-service dentistry options including Cosmetic Dentistry Services.  We offer full-service Preventative Dental Care Services, General Dentistry Services, exams, check-ups, disease screenings, X-rays, dental hygiene services, oral health screenings, diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases (Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, and related gum problems), or we can offer permanent, customized, Orthodontic Invisalign® Clear Braces to resolve long-term, adult dental misalignment.  This system can take 12 months or 18 months to resolve minor to moderate misalignment issues—learn more about affordable Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore.  And, we also offer patients options such as temporary cosmetic services including teeth-whitening.

As your Raymore, cosmetic dental office, we provide specific cosmetic and restorative procedures which are frequently related procedures, but with different goals depending on patient preference or a practical expectation of effective results.  Our dental surgeons have a long-term local practice and can take patients long-term as needed.  We also offer specific procedures such as:  dental crowns, dental bridges, dental composites, tooth-colored composites, dental implantation services from a single implant to multiple/bridge implants to full upper and lower dentation implants, or we can provide affordable, conventional dentures, full sets, or partial dentures, or other bridge work, fillings, partial fillings, full tooth fillings, tooth-colored fillings, Inlays, Onlays, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored veneers, and other dental treatment options.

Contact Raymore, Cosmetic Dental Office, Silver Lake Dentistry for an Appointment

Silver Lake Dentistry is accepting new patients.  We offer adult patients full-service dentistry including a wide range of temporary and permanent cosmetic procedures or restoration procedures.  Our two dental surgeons offer patients extensive expertise while practicing in the local market.  You can contact us for more information about temporary or permanent cosmetic work, or permanent procedures to resolve long-term problems, that require restoration work, or, if you just need an option for discount Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore to resolving long-term, dental misalignment.  We also provide services such as diagnosing and treating a dental infection and the following restoration work, or an Endodontic root canal.

You can find an affordable, Raymore cosmetic dental office located right here in Cass County!  Silver Lake Dentistry provides adults full-service dentistry and age-appropriate dental services for toddlers, kids or teenagers.

Adults may schedule an appointment online with Silver Lake Dentistry.   You can reach us by contacting Silver Lake Dentistry regarding dental service questions or scheduling.  You can call Silver Lake Dentistry at 816-678-0916 to schedule an appointment.