Dental Practice near Harrisonville, Missouri:  Silver Lake Dentistry in Raymore

Affordable Dental Practice in Raymore, MO:  Silver Lake Dentistry

If you happen to be looking for one of the best dentists close to Harrisonville, Missouri, then you need look no further than right up the road to Silver Lake Dentistry\, your local and affordable Raymore dentist’s office, a dental practice near Harrisonville.  Silver Lake Dentistry serves patients from all over Cass County, from nearby communities and counties, and we invite prospective patients from the southern Kansas City metropolitan region, from Grandview, from Lee’s Summit, from Raytown or other towns and suburbs to visit us in Raymore for skilled and compassionate dental care.

Whether you need a general dentist for general dentistry services, or you need to resolve complex situation involving misaligned teeth, missing teeth, teeth extractions, or requiring restorative or cosmetic procedures to resolve years or decades worth of dental issues, then the staff at Silver Lake Dentistry can help.  We provide adults with full-service dentistry options and age-appropriate dental care for younger members of your family.  Silver Lake Dentistry has affordable dentists in Raymore, affordable dentists near Harrisonville—and, we have cosmetic dentist for Harrisonville patients who provide affordable Cosmetic Dentistry for Harrisonville residents.

Additionally, Silver Lake Dentistry has affordable cosmetic dentists for Cass County patients for Belton, Peculiar, Harrelson, Pleasant Hill, and other nearby towns, as well as providing affordable dentists near Lee’s Summit, Raytown or Grandview.  We can most likely provide southern Kansas City metropolitan patients with quite competitive pricing compared to many Kansas City dentists.

Full-Service, Affordable Dental Practice near Harrisonville

Silver Lake Dentistry is a full-service, affordable dental practice close to Harrisonville—we are just a few miles up the highway.  Our experienced, local dentists have practiced in the community for years and our two dental surgeons Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), and Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), are two of the best dentist near Harrisonville, dentists serving Raymore patients, patients from other nearby towns, dental surgeons or dentists in Cass County offer a high level of care at affordable rates.  Our full-service dentistry procedures are available to adults.  We will make recommendations and indicate specific procedures to deal with common dental problems in children and teenagers since even teenagers may not have all of their adult teeth yet.

Our full-service dentistry options include:

  • General Dentistry Services – be sure to visit your Harrisonville cosmetic dentist for temporary and permanent cosmetic procedures
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services minor to major services, temporary to permanent services; a few examples of procedures include teeth whitening; many restorative procedures are applicable; use of tooth-colored fillings, clear fillings or sealants, extractions if indicated, salvaging teeth and repairing teeth, treating tooth infections and perform subsequent root canal restoration work; use of dental implants and any other options
  • General Dentistry Services including include basic dental hygiene services, regular dental hygiene services, check-ups, follow-up visits, exams for specific problems, additional diagnostics, oral health and gum disease screenings, teeth cleanings, X-rays, and related services
  • Emergency Dental Services
  • Preventative Dentistry Care Services including many general dentistry care services, education for younger members of the family, and if we find problems developing, we can then offer a recommended treatment for that problem, disease or issue with teeth or gums
  • Restorative Dental Services cover a wide range of procedures from general dentures, partial dentures, full dentures, implantation dentures, veneers, caps, composites bonding procedures, fillings, and many cosmetic procedures as well; most restoration procedures provide patients with cosmetic benefit
  • Orthodontic dental realignment solutions (see Invisalign® section below)
  • Dental Implants are permanent cosmetic or restorative dentistry solutions for missing teeth or after an extraction; implants are available for one tooth, several teeth, or as needed for all of your teeth, etc.
  • Gum Disease Treatment from diagnostics, to treatment, to resolving gum disease(s), Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease, receding gum lines, and related problems
  • Teeth Cleanings including one visit cleanings, etc.

Silver Lake Dentistry Is a Conveniently Located Dental Practice for Harrisonville Patients Choosing Invisalign® Clear Braces Treatment

If you happen to need restoration procedures to resolve long-term dental problems, decline in your overall dental health, or it is time to finally fix dental misalignment, patients have the options of utilizing the industry-standard replacement for conventional braces.  Silver Lake Dentistry uses the permanent treatment option of specific problems, such as mild to moderate dental misalignment—and, just to let you know that we offer customized treatment alternative for conventional metal braces, specifically, Invisalign® Clear Braces.

This treatment regimen does require patients to visit the dentist for new measurements about once every two to three weeks.  After your new measurements from using this progressive and continuous system of custom aligners that fit your teeth at each step of the realignment process, your dentist at Silver Lake Dentistry will produce custom, low-profile, removable aligners from new custom molds.  With our convenient location in Cass County, and our ability to offer competitive pricing options, patients can indeed have affordable Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore.  So, you need look no further than just up the highway to Raymore for Invisalign® Clear Braces near Harrisonville.

The Invisalign® system is an effective method of treating mild to moderate dental misalignment of some or all of your teeth from our upper to lower dentation.  Most patients find this a great alternative to conventional braces, and the overall treatment program generally lasts about 12 months to 18 month’s duration.  With this procedure, Harrisonville patients, or any of our adult patients can expect a high level of precision dental care that is completely customized for each patient, and you can get competitive pricing and discount Invisalign® in Raymore.

Affordable Dentistry at Silver Lake Dentistry, a Dental Practice near Harrisonville

As your affordable dental practice near Harrisonville in Raymore, we offer full-service dentistry at affordable and competitive rates.  We offer a wide range of services to adults and besides general and preventative dental care, we offer Orthodontic Invisalign Clear Braces to treat dental misalignment problems, perform Endodontic root canals, and offer patients a wide range or restorative dentistry procedures.  Many restoration procedures offer patients cosmetic benefit as well.  And, our two dental surgeons are also skilled and experienced, affordable cosmetic dentists for Cass County area adults.

Current patients and any new or prospective patients may apply to finance dental care services provided by Dr. Whitford or Dr. Handley at our dental practice near Harrisonville, Silver Lake Dentistry in Raymore.  And, don’t forget, our two dentists are affordable cosmetic dentists in Cass County and affordable cosmetic dentists for Kansas City regional residents.

Schedule an Appointment with a Raymore Dental Practice near Harrisonville

Adults may call Silver Lake Dentistry, our dental practice near Harrisonville located just up the highway in Raymore.  You can reach us by phone at 816-678-0916 in order to schedule appointments for a first visit, return visits, for a consultation about specific dental problems and applicable dental procedures, or for general care.

Adults ma may set up an appointment online with Silver Lake Dentistry.