Invisalign® Clear Braces for Raymore Patients:  Choose Silver Lake Dentistry

Experienced Dentists for Clear Braces in Raymore, Missouri

Any adults who are searching for expert dentists experienced with treating teeth misalignment problems using the state-of-the-art, custom-molded and removable aligners used in Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore, Harrisonville, or the southern Kansas City metropolitan region, should contact your local Raymore dentists at Silver Lake Dentistry.  Silver Lake Dentistry offers full-service dental care and our office provides adults with orthodontic services (braces), restoration procedures and cosmetic dentistry services.  We also treat children and teens, so your entire family is welcome at our dentist’s office in Raymore.

For adults interested in finally resolving years or decades’ long issues with teeth alignment, we recommend that you request a consultation and evaluation of your current dental situation so that you can discuss Clear Braces, as well as any cosmetic dental procedures, that you wish to consider using to finally treat dental misalignment problems.  Our expert dentists, Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), or Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), are thoroughly experienced with treatment regimens for adults requiring orthodontics to resolve teeth alignment problems.  In our opinion, Dr. Whitford and Dr. Handley are two of the best cosmetic dentists in Cass County, Missouri.

At Silver Lake Dentistry, the dentists, technicians and patients are a team working to resolve patient problems that may be unresolved since the teen years.  Although your Clear Braces from Raymore’s local dentists are orthodontics, they also offer patients cosmetic benefits for long-term problems.  Many adults do consider Clear Braces as a cosmetic options, and most treatment courses for adults last about 12-18 months, but please note that some severe dental issues may not be resolved by Clear Braces, or by orthodontic braces alone.  You may discuss all of these issues with local dentists experienced in helping your local neighbors with their dental problems.

Choose Invisalign® Clear Braces Custom-Made at Your Local Raymore Dentist’s Office

Advances in orthodontics, particularly custom-molded, removable aligners for misalignment problems over the last couple of decades have completely changed this part of the dentistry field.  Invisalign® Clear Braces is a truly revolution regimen for treating braces and the system completely removes essential permanent (during treatment) braces, bands, metal wires, and also the difficulty in ongoing hygiene that was so difficult with older metal braces.  Invisalign® really does offer patients a clear alternative to long-term braces as well as most other systems on the market for orthodontic treatment.

Most patients find the Clear Braces system very easy to use and quite convenient.  Invisalign® Clear Braces molds are removable, low-profile aligners.  Patients may remove the braces to eat, drink or even sleep, although you should follow your dentist’s recommendations about how long you should wear these unique, custom-made aligner molds.  Your Clear Braces are made at your Raymore dentist’s office about every two to three weeks.  Each mold is unique and custom-molded to each patient’s current situation throughout the entire treatment period.  The braces place continuous pressure on your teeth to slowly move the teeth into more proper alignment; and this is why patients need progressive molds.  Even old metal braces could not offer patients anywhere near the level of accuracy achieved with using Invisalign® Clear Braces.

Most patients find Invisalign® molds easy-to-use.  This system of custom molds is considerably less complicated than previous traditional metal wire braces, and for most patients, a non-painful teeth-straightening method.  This system is revolutionary—there is no need to wear wire braces for months or years anymore!  You Clear Braces are unobtrusive, and are low-profile, clear removable aligners.  Also, your Clear Braces are unique to your mouth, and unique throughout the whole process of continuously adding pressure to teeth with new molds to rectify alignment issues.

When you choose Silver Lake Dentistry for Invisalign® Clear Braces in Raymore, our dentist(s) and support technicians work with you through the entire regimen.  Also, your progressive, custom-made molds are created and fitted at the dentist’s office as well.  This allows the patient and the dentist to make sure that there are no particular issues with the next set of molds.  Patients almost always are amazed at the low-profile natures of Clear Braces.  Additionally, there is little to no pain reported by most patients—something hardly anyone could ever say about old style metal braces and orthodontic appliances.

Invisalign® Clear Braces are not a solution for every patient’s dental misalignment problems or tolerance to treatment, although most patients find considerable success with the system for general teeth misalignment issues, gaps, or similar problems—in fact, most patients find Invisalign® to be an ideal solution. Be sure to discuss your goals and expectations as well as treatment options with one of our local dentists.  Adult patients wanting Invisalign® Clear Braces from a Raymore dentist are welcome to visit Silver Lake Dentistry for general dentistry services or for treatment of teeth misalignment problems.

New patients or existing patients may set up an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry online in order to discuss your options for Clear Braces in Raymore.  You may also stop by the office or give us a call at (816) 678-0916 in order to schedule your visit.

Invisalign® Clear Braces Are Available in Raymore at Silver Lake Dentistry

Silver Lake Dentistry serves patients from Raymore, Harrisonville, Peculiar, Belton, Harrelson, Lee’s Summit, Garden City, Pleasant Hill, Grandview, and from the southern Kansas City metropolitan region.  If you are in Cass County, a nearby county or in the Kansas City metropolitan suburbs, you are invited to visit Silver Lake Dentistry’s dentists for a wide range of dental services for the whole family.  Adults looking for skilled dentists for Clear Braces in Kansas City are also encouraged to visit our office in Raymore to review your options for orthodontic treatment of dental misalignment problems.

You can learn more about Silver Lake Dentistry’s patient services online at our company’s website.  Silver Lake Dentistry is a full-service dentist’s office and we provide a wide range of services including preventative dentistry care services, restorative dentistry procedures and/or cosmetic dentistry services (e.g. fitting sets of dentures, permanent dental solutions including implants or full dental implantations, crowns and bridges, dental composites, dental bonding, fillings, tooth-colored porcelain veneers, root canals and permanent restorations, or teeth-straightening services), general hygiene care, and even local emergency dental services.

New patients as well as our returning patients may set up an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry online.  Local patients can stop by our Raymore office to set up an appointment as well.  Or local residents or patients may call us at (816) 678-0916 for a first visit or follow-up appointment to discuss dental alignment treatment regimens utilizing custom-made Clear Braces from your Raymore dentist.