Experienced, Skilled and Affordable Dentists in Raymore, Missouri

Affordable Dentists in Raymore, MO, at Silver Lake Dentistry Offer Full-Service Dentistry for Adult Patients

Adults searching for an affordable dentist Raymore, an affordable dentist near Harrisonville, or trying to find affordable Cosmetic Dentists in Raymore, need look no further than Silver Lake Dentistry.   We provide full-service dentistry options for adults and a wide range of dental services for children and teenagers as well.  We strive to offer expert dental care that is affordable for local patients or for anyone within driving distance of Raymore.

Silver Lake Dentistry is accepting new patients.  We are local dentists in Cass County who serve patients from towns in Cass County and neighboring counties.  We encourage adults to make the short drive to our office from Harrisonville, Belton, Garden City, Peculiar, Harrelson, Pleasant Hill, or from the southern Kansas metropolitan area including from Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Raytown or Kansas City.

We always do our best to offer our local patients expertise combined with affordable prices for procedures and dental care.  We also work with a wide range or insurance options to help you fit dental services and care within your budget.  Patients may apply to finance dental services provided by the dentists at Silver Lake Dentistry.

Adults may call Silver Lake Dentistry at 816-678-0916 in order to set up a return visit, for a first visit and consultation with one of our local, skilled dentists, or for more information about any of our dental services, treatment options, and longer-term treatment regimens for problems such as dental misalignment including discount Invisalign® available in Raymore.

We like to make setting up appointments easy, so you may schedule an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry online as well.

Full-Service, Affordable Dentists in Raymore for Minor and Major Dental Procedures

At Silver Lake Dentistry, we are convinced that we have two, expert dentists serving Cass County residents who offer patients affordable dentistry in Raymore.  We want to make certain “affordable rates” does not mean a lower quality service by our two dentists.  We maintain a state-of-the-art office and strive to provide patients with dental care options.  We like to think that Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.), are two of the best dentists in Cass County!

New patients are invited to meet with one of our dentists at Silver Lake Dentistry in order to discuss your current, general dental service needs, or to discuss your options for more complex Orthodontic treatment, or permanent restorative and/or cosmetic dentistry procedures that best fit your situation.  Our dentists are also affordable Cosmetic Dentists for Cass County residents, and we can usually offer quite competitive or even less expensive rates than many dentists in the city; Silver Lake Dentistry has affordable Cosmetic Dentists for Kansas City metropolitan area residents as well.

Our full-service dentistry options for our adult patients include:

  • General Dentistry Services:  including dental exams, oral and gum disease screenings, teeth cleaning, X-rays, general diagnostics, regular dental hygiene services, check-ups, follow-up visits, etc.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Services:  including common and permanent restorative procedures, fillings, tooth-colored fillings and/or clear sealants, or extractions if needed, restorative procedures with cosmetic benefits, root canals followed by restoration work, single or partial dental implants, traditional dental bridges, complete sets of upper and lower dentures, or even full denture implantation services
  • Emergency Dental Services for our current patients in Raymore, Cass County, and neighboring communities whenever feasible
  • Preventative Dentistry Care Services:  including general and common dental services to maintain proper dental and oral health
  • Restorative Dental Services: including salvaging teeth whenever possible, providing permanent solutions to resolve or cover up general wear and tear, cracks, chipped teeth, or similar problems, treating infections with follow-up restoration work, dealing with dental and oral disease, fixing teeth with fillings, sealants, partial or composite fillings, and other options; many restorative procedures generally provide patients with cosmetic benefit
  • Gum Disease Treatment: including diagnosis and treatment of very common forms of gum disease(s), Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, receding gum lines, and related issues
  • Dental Implants are a permanent cosmetic or restorative solution for many people; whether you need a single implant to fill in a missing tooth, or you need partial or full dental implantation services, our dentists are skilled dental surgeons who can provide adults with options regarding permanent dental implantations
  • Invisalign® Clear Braces are the industry standard Orthodontic treatment option that is vastly superior to conventional metal braces in most cases; the Invisalign® Clear Braces system is completely customized throughout the entire progressive course of treatment, and, importantly, the custom-molded aligners are removable!
  • Teeth Cleanings and basic dental hygiene services; generally, cleanings are performed in only one visit, although occasionally more than one visit depending on the individual patient’s needs

We also offer general dental services for toddlers, children and teens such as general exams, dental hygiene and education, diagnostics, teething, extraction of children’s teeth, and other general issues.  Your entire family is invited to visit our affordable dentists in Raymore at Silver Lake Dentistry.

Contact Your Affordable Dentists in Raymore at Silver Lake Dentistry

Your affordable dentists in Raymore invite adults to visit our dental practice to find out how we can assist you or provide solutions and treatment options for minor to complex dental situations.  Of course, your entire family is invited to our dentist’s office for skilled and compassionate dental care services.  New patients are accepted at Silver Lake Dentistry.  Regardless of whether you are in Raymore or a nearby town, or you need affordable dentists, Raymore is a short drive away and quite convenient for treatment options such as customized Orthodontic treatments that average 12- to 18-month treatment courses.  If you are in driving distance of Raymore, you are invited to set up an appointment for a visit with one of the two dentists practicing at Silver Lake Dentistry.

Adults may schedule an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry, or call us at 816-678-0916 to set up an appointment or to find out more about our dental services and treatment options.  We are committed to delivering excellent dental care whether that is general dentistry and hygiene, or to resolve long-term dental alignment problems or provide you with options to rectify missing teeth.  We will do our best to always provide you with access to our affordable dentists in Raymore.