Local, Affordable Dentist in Raymore for Southern Kansas City Metropolitan Area Residents

The Affordable Dentists at Silver Lake Dentistry Will Work with You

Adults and adults with children alike can always use expert dental care that is affordable.  If you are in need of an affordable dentist in Raymore, Missouri, in Cass County, Kansas City or nearby counties, be sure to investigate your service options at Silver Lake Dentistry.  As local dentists in Cass County serving patients Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, Pleasant Hill, Harrisonville, Garden City, Peculiar, Grandview, Belton, and nearby towns and counties, we always try offer our patients expertise at prices that you can deal with in your budget.

We will make every effort to work with your individual situation in order to provide affordable dental care.

Our dentist’s office accepts most forms of insurance.  Patients you can apply to finance dental services provided by Silver Lake Dentistry.  You can call Silver Lake Dentistry at 816-678-0916 for more information about services, to set up an appointment, or you may set up an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry online.

Affordable Dentist in Raymore Offers Full-Service Dentistry

At Silver Lake Dentistry, your expert dentists in Cass County offer patients affordable dental care options.  We would like you to know that “affordable” does not mean lower quality service. We maintain a state-of-the-art office care options utilizing the latest technology advancements or procedure options in order to provide the highest level of treatment possible.

We like to think that we have the best dentists in Cass County!  New patients are invited to meet Dr. Josh Whitford, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Dr. Mark Handley, Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) at Silver Lake Dentistry in order to discuss general dental services or complex cosmetic and/or restorative procedures that best fit your situation.

Our full-service treatment options include:

  • Common or general dentistry services including exams, screenings, X-rays, diagnostics, and general dental hygiene services, education for younger patients, extraction of children’s teeth if needed to dealing with issues of teens and throughout adulthood
  • Cosmetic dentistry including a range of common and restorative procedures including fillings, using sealants, or even root canals or extractions as needed in order to provide patients with single or partial implants, dental bridges, or more options such as upper and lower dentures or complete sets of dentures or full implantation
  • Emergency dental services for our patients in Raymore, Cass County and the southern Kansas City metropolitan region
  • Preventative dentistry care services including a wide range of services to keep teeth healthy including exams, diagnostics, cleanings and other services
  • Restorative services including salvaging teeth from wear, tear, disease, serious issues, fillings, sealants, or more complicated issues such as partial or composite fillings to root canals, and other options that have restorative and/or cosmetic applications
  • Children’s dental services including exams, hygiene, diagnostics, dealing with teething, process children’s teeth and replacement in teen years, proper alignment and simple to complex issues as needed
  • Gum disease treatment  since the majority of most adults have some form of gum disease, Periodontal Disease, Gingivitis, receding gum lines or other issues
  • Dental implants a permanent solution to dentures, partials and bridges; these are dental surgeries and we provide adults with options from a few teeth to complete dental implantations
  • Invisalign® Clear Braces and Orthodontic options or other types of braces—the Invisalign® Clear Braces system has been one of the most popular options for a couple of decades
  • Teeth cleanings and hygiene services;  most cleanings are performed in a single visit, and frequently involve a three or four step process using an ultrasonic device along hand tools
  • And many more dental service options…

Your Affordable Dentist in Raymore Welcomes New Patients at Silver Lake Dentistry

Your affordable dentists in Raymore would like to let new patients know that you are welcome at Silver Lake Dentistry.  We serve patients from the local arear, from Cass County, from the entire southern Kansas City metropolitan area, or from nearby towns such as Pleasant Hill, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Belton, Garden City, Harrisonville, Peculiar, or from other counties.  If you are in driving distance and would like to visit us, please call us or set up an appointment for your first visit to Silver Lake Dentistry.

You may set up an appointment with Silver Lake Dentistry, or you may call us at 816-678-0916 for information about services or set up your appointment.  We will do our best to always provide you expert care at a fair and affordable rate—join us at Silver Lake Dentistry where you can find affordable dentists in Raymore.